(WHTM) — When traveling by the way of airplane, it can be stressful making it through security and the TSA checkpoint.

TSA officers have shared some of their do’s and don’ts for travelers while they are traveling by air.


If you purchase your ticket online, you need to enter your full name as it appears on your ID. You should not enter any nicknames. Another time-saving tip is to enroll in TSA Pre-Check, which allows you to go through security with your belt, shoes, and light outwear on. More information on PreCheck can be found here.

Speaking of shoes, wear ones that are easy to take off and put back on. Slip-on shoes work best, and make sure to wear socks. If you find yourself in a security line, use the time to empty everything out of your pockets and put all items into carry-on bags. If you don’t empty your pockets completely, you may be picked for a pat down, which no one wants. You should also place your mobile phone in your carry-on too.


Now that you know some of the ways to make traveling easier, TSA officers have also shared things that you shouldn’t do while at a security checkpoint or in the airport.

Never joke about having an explosive device or claim you have a bomb with you. These jokes are taken very seriously and you may end up being talked to by police, and in turn, miss your flight. Another thing is to never bring a firearm to a security checkpoint. The proper way to pack it is to unload it inside a locked hard-sided case and declared it at the airline counter. It will then be stored in the belly of the aircraft.

Never places small items directly onto the conveyer to be x-rayed. Items such as keys, IDs, and other small items may get caught or fall in between the belts or rollers of the conveyer. You are asked to put these items in a bowl, bin, or your carry-on luggage.

Never put your pet or child through the X-ray unit. TSA has said this does happen. Just have them go through the metal detector with you and to avoid unnecessary radiation.