HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Flu, COVID-19, and RSV cases are sweeping hospitals across Pennsylvania as experts warn of a so-called “tripledemic.”

“I do know that [the UPMC ICUs] are close to full, but we’re not at capacity,” UPMC Infectious Disease Expert Dr. Jonathan Goldman said. “For the hospital, we are very close to full, but we’re not at capacity.”

According to UPMC, there are currently 45 COVID-19 patients across their seven hospitals. During last season’s peak, UPMC said there were 300 COVID-19 patients across all seven campuses.

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“I think we’ve gone from COVID-19 being a pandemic to COVID-19 being an endemic,” Goldman said. “I think it’s gonna stick around for the rest of our lives, but I think we’re gonna see it becoming less severe.”

Data from the Pennsylvania Department of Health shows that flu cases are making up for COVID-19 infections.

“The DPH released their documented flu cases up to Dec. 3, and it was actually almost twice as high as the peak of any of the last six or seven seasons,” Goldman said.

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Flu cases, however, are beginning to decline. The same can’t be said for RSV.

“RSV produces a lot more people to the ER, and it produces a lot more children in the hospital or even the ICU,” Goldman said, adding that pediatric ICU beds are “very full.”

However, Goldman is cautiously optimistic and said that he’s, “hopeful,” COVID-19, flu, and RSV won’t cases increase.