10 years later, Baby Mary Anne case no closer to solved


LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) – A mysterious homicide case remains unsolved, and police are still investigating. Baby Mary Anne, an unidentified newborn, was found in a dumpster behind the Lancaster YMCA 10 years ago.

Just last year, the Lancaster County district attorney’s office sent off evidence for DNA testing, but investigators say they need more to figure out what happened.

The grave is overgrown and weathered, but the memory is still fresh to 85-year-old Dolores Yecker.

“I wonder what she would look like now,” Yecker said. “She would be 10 years old.”

Yecker reflected as she pulled weeds from around the gravestone in the St. Anthony of Padua Church cemetery.

“When I read in the paper that this baby was found in a dumpster, I just got sick,” she said.

It was Sept. 24, 2007, when Yecker decided to adopt the unclaimed child.

“She’s a child of God,” she said. “She deserves to be treated like a human being.”

She named the Baby Mary Anne and organized a proper funeral. Charles Snyder, a funeral home owner, helped raise money for a gravestone and ceremony.

“All the people, from children to help design the stone, to give ideas, to give contributions,” Snyder said, recalling hundreds of people at the funeral.

“It was just a beautiful funeral, and I’m sure she was just jumping around in heaven,” Yecker said.

Like community members, investigators also relive the moment over and over.

“The case is 10 years and we are not close to solving it,” District Attorney Craig Stedman said.

The body was decomposed when it was found. Stedman isn’t confident DNA tests will result in any findings, and he’s not sure when they’ll get the results.

“What we need is tips,” Stedman said. “Somebody knows what happened, probably more than one person knows what happened.”

Dolores believes she has a clue: a little teddy bear left at Baby Mary Anne’s gravesite.

“If her mother brought that, that stays there,” she said.

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