26 must-have office supplies that will make you excited to do your work


NASHVILLE, TENN. (MEDIA GENERAL)—Most jobs are rewarding in some way, but some mundane tasks can really wear you down—fun office supplies are one way to avoid the doldrums of cubicle life.

1. Cute Paper Clips: They have paper clips shaped like flamingos, dogs, cameras, bicycles and just about every quirky, cute thing your heart could hope for in clip-form. (This jumbo paper clip because it’s decorative AND functional. Who knows when a giant is going to give you a memo you need to save.)

2. Magnetic Dachshund: To store your doggie paper clips so they don’t fall all over your desk, of course!

3. Gold Binder Clips: Because sometimes not even a jumbo paperclip will do.

4. Push Pins: You can never have enough of these, and if they’re gonna be all over the place, they might as well be pretty.

5. Bulldog Tape Dispenser: You probably don’t need to use tape all that often, but who cares? He’s adorable.

6. Crane Scissors: In case you’re not a dog person.

7. Dalmatian Stapler: Even if you’re not a dog person, everyone’s a Dalmatian person. Thanks, Disney!

8. Washi Tape: You can make everything pretty with this stuff. Even your sad, cold, ugly cubicle.

9. Stationery: It’s this thing that people used to use, and it’s a lot like email, but it’s more personal. Plus, if you send someone a letter, you’ll earn tons of brownie points. Trust me.

10. Adorable Envelopes: Suddenly paying your bills isn’t so bad!

11. Metallic Round Sticker: Who actually licks envelopes anymore?

12. File Folder Organizer: Or if you are boring and like everything to match, you can get a desktop set. Just know that you’re boring.

13. Weekly Desk Planner: If you surround yourself with reminders of what you should be doing, the likelihood of you actually doing it is pretty good.14. 2016 Gem & Mineral Wall Calendar: Every month a new reminder as to why you need to keep working hard so that one day you may be able to afford a real gem of your very own.  

15. Journal/Notebook: For notes, inspiration, important info and really anything your heart desires. I have 20 of them and I still don’t think I have enough!16. Small Sticky Tabs: Before you tell me I have a notebook problem, let me explain myself. I intended to use each of them for different things as a way to organize my work. I freelance and I cover a lot of different topics in a variety of ways so it helps me keep all of that manageable. But, of course, I put some of my political notes in my music journal and my blog ideas in my sports notebook and basically ruined the entire organization process. These tabs are super helpful in highlighting pages so I can find what I’m looking for without going into a frustrated rage and throwing all of my notes in a fire.

17. Binder: They’re not as magical as the Lisa Frank binders of yore, but they’re way better than those generic plastic ones from Staples.18. Desktop One Cup Coffee Maker: You don’t want to take a coffee break to the office pantry do you? Do you know what happens there? It’s worse than spending the whole day using Excel. 

19. Coffee Mug: I don’t understand how coffee mugs with motivational quotes became a thing we’re all pretending is acceptable. If there’s someone in your office drinking out of a mug that has “You’ve Got This!” or “Hello, Gorgeous” written on it then that seems like a good indication of someone who loves making small talk about crap you don’t care about. They’re not as bad as the “I woke up like this” or “But first, coffee” people, though. Be afraid of those people.

20. Reusable Water Bottle: Listen to Leo: go green!

21. Canon Wireless All-In-One Printer with Scanner and Copier: If you work from home, a printer is essential—even in 2016. Just think, you’ll never have to set foot in a Kinkos again! Well, that’s probably not true, but definitely not as often!22. A Pretty Trashcan: Just cause it’s trash on the inside doesn’t mean it has to look like trash on the outside. #deepthoughts23. Phone Dock: If you listen to podcasts while you work, this little contraption is great for keeping your phone handy enough to plug into your headphones, but not so handy it becomes a procrastination temptress. 

24. Odor Assassin: Your first line of defense against Glen, the tuna sandwich guy.25. Anna Wintour doll: Every time you look over at her you’ll feel guilty about how much procrastinating you’ve done all day. 

26. Trophy Bowl: Throw some candy in there and every time anyone comes by your desk to bother you, at least they’ll know you think you’re a champion—and hey, maybe they’ll look past your mediocre work production and start to believe it, too.Deniz Kofteci is a multimedia content producer at Media General. Follow her on Twitter: @DenizKofteci

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