GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX)–83% of 2022 model cars are equipped with Automatic Emergency Braking–which car manufacturers tout as “lifesaving technology.” AAA tested out A.E.B. technology in a controlled environment–using four different cars from four manufacturers–Chevy, Ford, Honda, and Toyota.

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At 30 miles per hour–or residential speeds–the technology worked very well, but that was about the extent of the success. During their testing, AAA found going 40 miles per hour, the car was able to avoid a crash only 30 percent of the time. At intersections, the results were even worse. AAA claims during their T-bone and left-turn scenarios, the cars crashed every single time.

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This technology is still fairly new, and it will continue to improve–but as of right now, AAA says you still need to pay extra attention while driving, and you shouldn’t rely on this technology to save your life.