LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM) — Since the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture confirmed the first case of avian influenza in Lancaster County on April 16, the total number of farms in the county where the bird flu has been detected has now reached four.

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According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, 50,300 birds were affected at the farm. Lancaster County is the only county in Pennsylvania to have reported cases of avian flu in domestic flocks so far, according to the USDA.

abc27 media partner LNP/LancasterOnline reports that more than 3.4 million birds have died in the state because of the virus or related depopulation (killing the birds in one flock where the bird flu has been detected to prevent it from spreading).

The first case of avian flu in Lancaster County was detected among commercial table egg layer chickens at a farm in East Donegal Township. A Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency document states that avian influenza was detected at two additional farms in the county reported by the Department of Agriculture on April 19, and a fourth farm has now also conducted depopulation.

The fourth farm’s location and size had not been released as of Monday morning, LNP said. The USDA reports that commercial table egg layer flocks were impacted at the first three farms, and the fourth farm’s affected flock was used for commercial broiler production.

After the first case of avian influenza was detected in Lancaster County, lawmakers called for $2 million of additional funding to detect and mitigate the impacts of the bird flu. One case of avian flu can mean the loss of an entire flock, causing concern for Midstate poultry farmers.