GETTYSBURG, Pa. (WHTM) – Reenactors of the Battle of Gettysburg have to call a “cease fire” this week.

At the reenactment site, the field and bleachers will remain empty for more than a month. The event is postponed until August 7-9.

Organizers said the postponement has nothing to do with the controversy surrounding the Confederate flag.

“The Confederate flag was not designed to be anything but a representation of their country, so no, I don’t believe it effects the reenactment at all,” said Andrea DiMartino, spokeswoman for the Gettysburg Anniversary Committee. “They’ll still be flying their flags.”

DiMartino said it is the rain that is putting a damper on the reenactment. The ground is too soggy for set-up and too dangerous for the reenactment.

“Taking care of the horses that will come to the event, reenactors that could get hurt by slipping and sliding, the list goes on and on and on,” DiMartino said.

The reenactment has been postponed before, like in 2003, also when the fields were a mess.

“We took a hit retail-wise and there was a lesser participation for the events,” said Chris Ackerman, manager at the Regimental Quartermaster.

Ackerman expects history to repeat itself.

“There will be a hit for this weekend. It will be measurable,” Ackerman said. “I think we’ll see an increase of customers and reenactors in August.”

“Maybe there’s going to be a better chance of sunshine those days,” DiMartino said.

Officials said there is still a lot to do and see this weekend, like smaller reenactments. For more information, visit