HARRISBURG, PA (February 20, 2018) – High school all-stars from Pennsylvania and

Maryland will compete at the Pennsylvania Scholastic Football Coaches Association (PSFCA)

Big 33 Football Classic 61st game on Saturday, June 16 at Central Dauphin School District’s

Landis Field, based in Lower Paxton Township. Today, Pennsylvania’s 38-member Big 33 team

was announced along with the Pennsylvania and Maryland Cheer Teams for the 61st Football


“We are honored to continue supporting premier football featuring so many outstanding and

talented student athletes, in cooperation with the Dauphin County Commissioners,” said Garry

Cathell, executive director of PSFCA. “Witnessing the caliber of players coming together for a

week to not only play one of American’s favorite sports, but also to give back through our unique

Buddy Program and through community visits, is truly remarkable and rewarding.”

“We’re looking forward to another exciting game, one that’s been played since 1957, and

continues to excite generations of fans,” stated PSFCA President Coach Frank Gay. “We are

grateful to the Commissioners, our host families, cheerleaders, buddies, sponsors, fans, and

volunteers for helping to continue the success of one of the country’s top high school


“A big thank you to our partners the PSFCA and Central Dauphin School District, who worked

with us to keep the game going in Dauphin County,” said Dauphin County Board of

Commissioners’ Chairman Jeff Haste. “Our local equivalent to the Super Bowl, the Big 33 game

is the cornerstone of our region’s growing sports tourism industry and we’ll continue to support


Since the PSFCA has taken over the Big 33 Football Classic in early 2017, the commissioners

have provided $100,000 annually in tourism grant funding, which is generated by hotel room

taxes, to ensure the game would continue in Dauphin County.

“We’re committed to making sure this proud tradition continues,’’ said Commissioner Mike

Pries. “Tourism spending brings in $2.3 billion every year, and events like the Big 33 draw

visitors to our area and let them see all we have to offer. It’s also important to our hotels,

restaurants and many other businesses that benefit from visitors who attend game and the

events surrounding it.’’

Central Dauphin School Board President Ford Thompson added, “Our School District and

community were thrilled with last year’s energy, attendance and commitment to this annual

football tradition, and we’re eager to host families, fans and players once again this year.”

Money raised from the game and the events surrounding it support the Buddy Program, which

connects kids with special needs with all-star athletes in football, cheerleading and beyond.

“The impact of the Big 33 goes far beyond the game, giving children with disabilities a chance to

connect with star athletes,” said Commissioner George P. Hartwick, III. “The overall benefit to

our region makes this great event a priority for us.’’

Big 33 organizers were joined today by some of this year’s Big 33 football players who were

announced, the program’s buddies and cheerleaders. Some well-known alumni include:

Joe Namath, Joe Montana, Dan Marino, Jim Kelly, Ricky Waters, Ben Roethlisberger, Kyle

Brady and Jordan Hill.