BIGLERVILLE, Pa. (WHTM) – Parents of seniors at Biglerville High School in Adams County say the district went too far by making inappropriate comments in a letter about dressing appropriately.

In two days, seniors at the school will walk out of the front doors for the last time; some with a bad taste in their mouth.

“You’re supposed to feel safe and comfortable here. For a letter like that to come from the administration is really appalling,” said Brianna Burtop, a senior who posted a photo of the rules online.

The letter was given to students after graduation practice Tuesday. It explains what they should and should not wear during the awards ceremony prior to graduation. But uncomfortable was how Burtop felt after reading what was inside.

“They were telling us that they don’t want to be looking at our sausage rolls and you can’t fit ten pounds of mud in a five pound bag,” Burtop said.

Burtop took the offensive language to Facebook, getting a lot of attention from parents and students who felt the same way.

“You can’t talk to women like that in a work place. It’s just totally wrong. It’s totally degrading,” Brianna’s mother Jessica Burtop said.

The school issued a statement stating the administration acknowledges that some individuals have found certain language in the document to be inappropriate or in poor taste. It continues to state the document was drafted years ago by a person who has since retired.

“I’m surprised no one has stopped it at this point. Just reading it is so offensive,” Burtop said.

Burtop said she won’t let these words ruin her big day. She just has one request.

“I just want the paper changed and for them to apologize to these girls because as 18-year-olds we’re all insecure and impressionable,” she said.

The seniors will graduate Friday.

In the statement, the district said it will take appropriate action to address the issue, and they hope it doesn’t distract from the dignity of the graduation ceremony.

Click here to read the entire letter.

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