WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. (WTAJ) — A former Williamsport Area School District principal, Dr. Roger Freed, will face charges at trial that include 30 felony counts of having sex with a student, according to court documents.

Freed, 34, will head to court after the student, now in their early 20s, came forward about a sexual relationship between them and Freed that began when they were in 9th/10th grade.

According to the criminal complaint, during an interview with police, the student said that he met Freed in 2015 after noticing how other students were able to confide in him. He went to Freed after experiencing a traumatic loss in their family.

The student went on to tell police they would often talk and chat and became “bros.” All the while, Freed would allegedly massage the student’s shoulders and it would often turn into more than that.

The student reportedly told police that Freed had a serious conversation about making their “relationship” sexual. He allegedly told the student that he can’t tell anyone because he could lose his job and that “it’s ok for bros to please each other.” The student told police that he dealt with the sexual relationship to maintain the emotional one he had with Freed.

The student went on to explain to police in the interview that one weekend Freed went with him to check out a college and they were physical in the hotel room after Freed gave him wine and cigars, according to the affidavit.

The court documents go on to show that the student told police Freed tried to have anal sex in early 2022 and the student told him ‘no’ and ended the relationship between the two.

Freed will head to trial on felony charges. A date is scheduled for Oct. 13. He’s currently free on $175,000 unsecured bail.