Child care centers wait for parents to decide about school


LANCASTER, Pa (WHTM) – Kat Mace may be one of the lucky ones.

Mace, a stay-at-home mom, doesn’t have to make an important choice about sending her children to child care or not as schools continue to work on reopening plans.

Mace told ABC27 News some of her other friends are posting on social about how tough their decision will be.

“I’ve read a lot of posts on Facebook about parents that don’t know what to do,” Mace said.

Some school districts are offering parents the choice of virtual or in-person learning. which will likely impact whether or not they need child care services.

Patti Shearer, Director of the Faith Factory Learning Center in Mount Joy, said she’s getting calls from parents who are trying to make their decision.

“I’ve been getting so many calls from parents saying ‘I want my child there”, but I don’t know if i have room right now,” Shearer said.

Shearer said enrollment at her child care center is full, but she said if parents decide virtual learning is best enrollment could quickly change.

“I will either have a huge amount of children here to figure out and provide teaching staff for, or I won’t have children and I have all these teachers whose livelihood depends on me and the center,” Shearer said.

Time seems to be another issue.

July 31 would usually be a cutoff for parents to opt in for child care, but many districts are giving parents more time to decide what learning they think is best.

Shearer said she knows the decisions for parents won’t be easy, but she provided some advice for parents who are still trying to make their decision on child care.

“There’s no easy answer,” she said. “What’s going to work with your work schedule? Can you do virtual online if you’re going to be working?”

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