Clean Living Through Goats


Outside of  Elizabethown sits a farm with a unique name ” Half Fast Farms.” said Jan Rullo. So how did Rullo come up with the name?

“When I was a kid my father was always thinking up corny things and one time he said I’m not slow I’m not fast I’m sorta half fast” said Rullo.  On this farm Rullo breeds pure Nubian goats. “They produce close to a gallon of milk each day. Each one of them after they’ve had a baby. The Nubian milk is the richest of all the goats milk.” said Rullo.

Desired for making cheese and soap. “Goat’s milk has 50 vitamins, minerals and proteins that you will not get from a water based soap.” said Rullo. Jan makes and sells 60 varieties from odor removal to poison ivy relief bars. We watched as she made soap. First, she milked a goat. Then walked back to her home where bowls lined the counter filled with lard, oils, scents and other ingredients which are melted together. Rullo then heads outside to mix in the milk and lye. The melted mixture is add before liquid is poured into a mold, The soap is given time to set before being cut, wrapped and sold for between $5 and $7 dollars a bar.

Jan sells her soap at Root’s Farmers Market in Lancaster County on Tuesdays and the Market on Soldiers’ Grove behind the State Capitol on Wednesdays.

Visit Half Fast Farm’s Website for more info.

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