(WHTM) — Very often, it is hard to catch a break on travel costs. When gas prices are up, so are airfares. But this has changed recently.

Gas prices are rising again after being stable for many months. This is not the case for airfares, as they were already edging down.

Now, Southwest Airlines, which is the busiest airport in Baltimore and one that also flies from Philadelphia, has a rare, buy one get one 50% off deal. You have to register on their site and book by tomorrow.

This is for two different trips; you fly one first and then get the second one for 50% off. But the second can be a more expensive trip than the first and you will get the full 50% off.

“You could take a $200 ticket to Chicago and then use that for 50% off to get from Baltimore to LA. or Philadelphia to Houston. so it’s a really good deal. you do have to make sure to read the fine print, but we haven’t seen many deals like this since travel ramped up after the pandemic,” The Points Guy Benn Mutzabaugh said.

The fine print does include certain blackout dates. This does not mean you can buy one for thanksgiving and get Christmas half off. But the dates that are allowed are pretty broad.

It is not that Southwest is feeling generous. This comes a week after they told investors on a quarterly earning call, they have seen domestic travel demand soften, and they are not the only airline to say that.