2020 BMW 840I Coupe

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Not many people choose coupe’s these days because of their limited room for people and cargo — but the 2020 BMW 840I sure is a stunner.

The sweeping lines of the car are accented by the $4,800 M-sport package that includes blacked-out trim, bigger brakes and wheels, and an overall more aggressive look.

This year, you can make a new choice under the beautiful hood and can expect a gorgeous interior as well.

If you like buttons, this is the car for you. There are 16 on the steering wheel alone. The automatic is an 8-speed and there are four drive modes.

The door sill has a reminder that carbon fiber components are used to keep weight down.

This might be the best driver’s seat abc27 has reviewed, just excellent. The back seat is token at best, with almost zero legroom but a good place for packages. Trunk space is better than previously thought.

It used to be in the 8-series, you had a V-8 or way back in the day a V-12. Now you can get this in-line 3-liter turbo six. 335 horsepower and it works out just fine.

The lighter weight engine makes this 8-series nimble. All-wheel-drive is available, but this rear-wheel-drive version is more fun.

So for the 2020 BMW 840I Coupe, thumbs up to great styling, good handling, and luxurious interior. Thumbs down to confusing controls and small back seat.

The car averaged about 24 miles-per-gallon and the as-reviewed sticker is over $101,000.

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