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The all-new Acura TLX is a low-sluing sedan that has really upped its game for 2021. The review car has optional all-wheel drive and the advance package.

Sure it looks good, but the real story is how much better it drives than the old TLX.

A redesigned suspension and drivetrain combine to make a very entertaining car. Under the hood is a 272 horsepower two liter turbo four. There’s a V-6 in the type S version.

The interior is redesigned too and better than the old one. Acura’s always have lots of buttons but the layout has a nice flow to it. The ten-speed automatic has push button controls.

New is a touch-pad controller that takes some getting used to. At least there’s a nice spot to rest your hand while you fumble around.

Audio by ELS studios may be the best ever heard in a car. There was a thumb drive of 5.1 surround sound music but finding additional tunes may be tough.

If you have long-legged people up front, row two gets cramped. Much roomier is the trunk.

The whole point of a sports sedan should be fun to drive and the TLX finally is.

So for the 2021 Acura TLX, super handling all-wheel drive advance, thumbs up to improved handling, improved styling and a good value.

Thumbs down to a cramped row two and poor gas mileage.

Dennis averaged about 24 miles-per gallon in the Acura. The reviewed sticker price, just over $49,000.

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