When it comes to maximum room in a minimum-sized vehicle, nothing beats a minivan.

For 2021, Chrysler adds an all-wheel-drive option to the Pacifica, and that should make it more popular.

This week, abc27 News reviewed the Pacifica Limited, which also has the $300 “S” appearance package — a real bargain which makes this minivan sporty with blacked-out trim. The black wheels are an extra thousand, but look great.

The same $300 gets drivers some special interior touches, too, like Nappa leather seating.

Many electronic driver aids which used to be optional are not standard, like lane-keep-assist and adaptive cruise. The nine-speed automatic is controlled with a dash-mounted rotary knob.

That frees up space for storage in the center console.

Chrysler has this row two stow-and-go seating for many years now and every time abc27’s Dennis Buterbaugh, automotive reporter, uses it, he’s amazed at how simple it is to put these row two seats right into the floor.

“It really makes a snap,” Buterbaugh said.

Even with row three seats in use, there’s a huge well for cargo in the floor, great for groceries.

Use the power controls to tumble row three into the floor, resulting in a nice flat area for bulky cargo.

A 3.6-liter V6 with 287-horsepower gives the Pacifica plenty of power, even for towing. A plug-in hybrid is available, as well.

“Yeah it drives like a minivan, but no worse than some SUVs I’ve been in lately,” Buterbaugh said.

So for the 2021 Chrysler Pacifica Limited all-wheel-drive, Buterbaugh says “thumbs up” to new all-weather ability, lots of room for people and cargo, and clever stowable row two seats.

“Thumbs down” to it drives like a minivan.

Buterbaugh averaged about 22 miles-per-gallon in the Pacifica, costing just over $55,000.