(WHTM) — The Chevy Equinox crossover is one of GM’s best-selling models. And now there is a sporty version.

With a revised front end for 2022, the Chevy Equinox crossover may find even more buyers now that a trendy, lockout trim version called the RS is available. Even the bowtie logo on the grill is back.

In addition, to the RS package, our review Equinox has an all-wheel drive. Base models are front-drive.

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When you’re behind the wheel, you also notice red stitching on the RS package. The video touch screen is on the small side, but it works well. While some competitors have more gears, the Equinox makes do with a six-speed automatic.

Connectivity is excellent with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which are standard on all trims.

Row two passenger space is the most impressive feature of the Equinox. Kids and adults can ride with no problem.

A power hatch is standard on the RS. Cargo space is very good.

In an effort to save weight and money, more and more new cars are coming without a spare tire. The Equinox has not only underfloor storage but also a spare tire and wheel as well.

Under the hood is this Chevy’s weakest link. Gone is the more powerful two-liter engine choice. Now, only a 1.5-liter turbo-four is available, and 170 horsepower in a vehicle this size just doesn’t cut it.

Once moving, handling is a bright sport in the Equinox. The ride is firm but comfortable.

So, for the 2022 Chevrolet Equinox R-S all-wheel drive. I say thumbs up to the excellent interior room, great dashboard tech, and good cargo space, and thumbs down to the week engine.