(WHTM) — If Lexus made a pick-up truck this would be it.

Luxury pick-up trucks are popular in the U.S, and now Toyota has joined the club.

It might say Toyota on the grill, but if Toyota added its Lexus logo to this machine it would be very believable.

The pearl paint and 22-inch wheels are great, but all the truck bits from a loaded Tundra are still here.

With optional rear air suspension, the Capstone can tow up to 10,340 pounds.

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The bed may be on the short side, but the remote tailgate open and automatic assist step make loading easy.

Many different brands of pick-ups have big hood bulges to show off their power, which look good, but they block the driver’s vision in the Tundra, especially when parking.

The interior is certainly very Lexus-like, with two-tone leather covering the seats and a console that would be at home in any luxury vehicle.

A glance at the digital dash shows what’s under the hood.

The gauge on the left is for the turbo boost of the v6 engine and the gauge on the right shows how much battery power is left.

The Capstone is just like any other Tundra, just more formal.

The huge touch screen is excellent, and the JBL sound is controlled with a large knob.

Climate controls are push button and the automatic is a ten-speed.

The truck’s second row is very spacious. Under-seat cargo room is reduced, however, because of the battery pack.

With a combined 437 horsepower between the v6 and electric motors, the Tundra Capstone is plenty fast and has a smooth ride for a truck.

So, for the 2022 Toyota tundra capstone, thumbs up to extra luxury, extra power, and a roomy interior. Thumbs down to the high price.

The Tundra Capstone averaged about 21 miles per gallon The as-reviewed sticker price is $76,760.