A sports car has to be good looking and the new Nissan “Z” certainly is. I can’t count the number of times people snapped pictures during my week-long review.

Developing a new sportscar is very expensive for a carmaker.

While the body is all new, Nissan modified the chassis of the old 370 Z sports car. To save on development costs.

Our review “Z” is the mid-equipped performance model with upgraded brakes and forged wheels.

Also to save on development costs, Nissan plucked this twin Turo V-6 from its luxury Infiniti division. With three liters and 400 horsepower, it gets the job done, and then some.

Inside the snug cockpit, you’ll notice some switchgear from the old 370 z, but overall the look and feel are of a totally new car.

I like the digital dash which can be configured in several ways. The center video interface is light years ahead of the old car, and easy to use. Rotary controls for climate are nice and have a retro look. Our review car has an excellent six-speed manual. A nine-speed automatic is available as a no-extra-cost option.

I really like the dash-top bank of gauges which are turned toward the driver.

This is strictly a two-seater. So that leaves a little extra room for cargo but not much. Two reasonably sized golf bags will fit.

A sports car is all about driving and the “z” is a joy. There are faster sports cars, there are ones that stop at a shorter distance, but everyday handling and performance are just right. The ride is noisy but it won’t beat you up.

So for the 2023 Nissan “Z” performance.

I say thumbs up; Too great styling, fun driving and comfortable seats. Thumbs down to the noisy cockpit.

Dennis averaged about 21 miles per gallon in the Nissan. The as-reviewed sticker is $53,655