(WHTM)– The name is confusing but Audi’s big electric crossover is better. One of the earliest, big, all-electric vehicles is updated for 2024.

Since 2019 it’s been known as the e-tron, but for 2024 Audi’s luxury electric all-wheel-drive crossover is the Q8 e-tron. Confusing because the company still sells a gasoline crossover called the Q8.

Our review machine is a top-of-the-line prestige with a black optic package. The EPA says the range on this handsome machine is now up to 285 miles on a full charge.

Inside not much has changed and that’s good because Audi’s have some of the best interiors.

While many have copied it the original virtual cockpit is still excellent. Especially with Google Earth images activated.

Most functions are accessed by touch screens including climate. It takes some time to learn but is worth it.

The t-handle on the gear selector remains stationary, while your fingers move a slide to change gears.

Audi also has a reputation for having some very beautiful wood in its interiors. I don’t know what this wood is on the dashboard, it looks like it washed up on a beach somewhere.

There is no third row but there’s plenty of room for three adults in row two. The battery pack sits low enough that cargo space is not reduced at all. There’s even underfloor storage and a mini-spare.

A horsepower of 402 is available in sport mode, but the Q8 E-tron is not as quick as some other similar-sized electrics.

So for the 2024 Audi Q8-E-tron, I say thumbs up, to increase the range extra quiet cabin and luxurious interior. Thumbs down to the high price

The as-reviewed sticker on the vehicle is $88,990.