(WHTM) — Beer prices are going up, just in time for football season.

A new report from Bookies.com says those draft beer prices are up. They say NFC fans will pay the most, an average of $11.54 per cup in the NFC East The lowest price is the AFC North which averages $8 per cup. In many cases, the newer the stadium, the higher the price.

But, there is another reason: shortages of things needed to make beer.

Trevor Self is a marketing director for a craft brewery called Madtree Brewing. But, this year, that dream job has become a bad dream for some brewers struggling with supplier price hikes.

“Ever since 2020, things have been fluctuating and getting higher, so we’re always factoring in what could possibly be,” Self said.

It has been a rough couple of years for the craft brewing industry. Just like any of us when we go to the supermarket, they have been dealing with the same inflationary pressures. Plus, shortages, just on a much bigger scale.

A report on the enthusiast site goodbeerhunting.com said the price of:

  • Aluminum cans are up 20% in a year.
  • Malt is up 30% or more.
  • Shipping costs are up 50%
  • Labor is up 20%

Luckily there is enough beer on hand that no one is predicting a shortage, but you may have to pay a bit more to enjoy games.