(WHTM) — Some cereal makers are now offering “giant size” boxes, which might make “family size” boxes look small. However, bigger isn’t always better.

Most people are familiar with the shrinking sizes in grocery stores, but a new report says some products are getting smaller at the same time they appear to be giving you more.

From higher meat prices to smaller-sized packaged goods, it is commonly referred to as “shrinkflation.”

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According to Ed Dworsky of ConsumerWorld.org, manufacturers are putting new names on boxes to make it seem like you are getting more, such as “family size” and “giant size.”

Dworsky says Post’s Honey Bunches of Oates’ family size used to be 24 ounces, but it has now shrunk to 18 ounces.

Kellogg’s Corn Flakes’ family size was also 24 ounces, but now the family size is 18 ounces and the giant size is 24 ounces.

Neither company commented publicly on the portion changes.

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It can be hard to keep track of whether you are getting more or less. ConsumerWorld says if you are used to buying a family-sized box, you will likely continue to buy that size regardless of the changes.

Smaller boxes of cereal, more fit for one or two people, are slowly getting harder to find.

Remember, it all comes down to the actual ounces you are buying, not the shape of the box.