(WHTM) — The pandemic changed a lot of things forever, including the need to go to the mall and buy new outfits for work. Many people are now freshening up their wardrobes, by shopping for consignment and used clothing.

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At Julies Inspiration Consignment Shop, it has been busy for a couple of years. Owner Julie Boone said ever since the pandemic hit, she has seen a change in what women are looking for. Dress blazers and slacks are out, Boone said.

What is in are casual items for working from home, but also for returning to the office where the dress code is nowadays more relaxed.

That is where consignment shops like Boone’s shine.

“You don’t know. So you are going to find everything from vintage to couture, to the designer, it’s just really fun,” Boone said.

In-person consignment shops are a great way to save but you will find much more selection at the many used clothing places online.

Lindsay Patterson is a freelance sports blogger and reporter who loves changing her look. She gets her outfits mostly online on sites such as Thred Up, Poshmark, Queenly and Rent the Runway, the fashion rental site which now sells used clothing on Amazon.

“That’s why I use Rent the Runway because I feel you can change it every month,” Patterson said.

Patterson said these days, there is no need to pay top dollar for any fashion.

“There are people that will go for handbags and clothes, and pay full price, no discounts, no sales, and I am not that person,” Patterson said.

Will the power suit or dress ever come back? It is hard to say, but for now, a new blazer or blouse from the consignment shop may be all you need, so you don’t waste your money.