(WHTM) — As concerts resume, audiences may notice a big change — no more paper or printed tickets.

Concert tickets have changed a lot since the pandemic began, in many cases, you can no longer print them at home. You need to show them on a phone app at the gate.

But what happens when those tickets suddenly disappear?

Melinda Shepperd has been looking forward to taking her 13-year-old daughter to see her idol, Justin Bieber.

“She had been saving her money for over a year, the total for two tickets was $496,” Shepperd said.

The original concert was postponed until 2022, which was fine until her Ticketmaster account was hacked.

“I got an email a couple of days later that someone had tried to change my Ticketmaster account,” she said.

She was eventually able to restore her account, but the Bieber tickets were gone.

‘There’s nothing in there. Not past concerts, not new concerts, nothing. I have not been able to speak to anyone or get a response,” she said.

Shepperd is not the first person to talk about tickets disappearing from their account. With so many concerts postponed, postponed again and in some cases canceled, it seems tough for the tickets to always keep up.

Sheila Holmes said it also happened to her.

“We logged into our account and the tickets disappeared,” Holmes said in an e-mail.

In order to protect yourself from having this happen: never use a Ticketmaster password for any other site, take screenshots of tickets, print a paper copy if possible.

An agent later called Shepperd, and promised to get her daughter her Bieber tickets.

“All her Christmas money, she worked chores around the house, just to go to this concert,” she said.

Also, remember to make copies and take screenshots of concert tickets as soon as you get them, so you can prove they are yours and you don’t waste your money.