(WHTM) — Many of us have laptops with Microsoft Windows, or maybe McAfee, Norton, and Geek Squad protection, then you need to watch for an email scam saying it is time to renew your account.

Heather Wolfe thinks of herself as pretty tech-savvy, but the other day she was almost fooled.

“So I got an email and it said you are renewing your subscription, and I said I don’t remember ever having a subscription,” Wolfe said.

It said she was being charged $400 to renew her “Geek Squad Security Services” from Best Buy. A man on the phone said she could cancel if he downloaded a program onto her laptop and she said no.

Yes, it is a scam, but these are so easy to fall for that’s because many of us are so busy and because we have so many subscriptions, we can’t keep track of them all.

It happened to David Anderson last fall, who got a very legitimate-looking email about his antivirus program.

“It was a Windows Defender order. An invoice for a one-year subscription to Microsoft Firewall Defender,” Anderson said.

Windowsreport.com is warning that this is not legitimate, no is one claiming to renew Office 265. Best Buy, meantime, warns about the scam in its customer forum, saying ” They don’t appear to be associated with Best Buy or Geek Squad in any way”

Bottom line: never respond to a message with a credit or debit card number, unless you are absolutely certain you have that subscription, so you don’t waste your money.