(WHTM) — The best thing to come out of the pandemic is working from home. But, now many companies are saying it’s time to come back: so what can you do?

Keri Shinault started working from home when the pandemic hit and never wants a return to the daily commute.

“It was 2 hours a day. Driving. It was a disaster,” Shinault said.

Not having a brutal commute gives her more time to spend with her children and her painting hobby.

“I love that it is flexible. And I have a better work-life balance than I ever had,” Shinault said.

Shinault is a logistics coordinator for an HVAC company and she knows however that many companies are calling people to return to the office.

Shineault said many of her coworkers would struggle if they get that call.

After working from home for the past two years, many people like Shineault have decided they like the flexibility and lower stress of working remotely. And, they don’t want to have to dress up every day and be in an office at 9 a.m.

Employment attorney Kelly Myers said if you want a flex schedule, don’t just ask:

  • Email your boss with specific reasons for staying home
  • Explain the benefit for the company
  • Then explain why you will be more productive at home
  • Have a plan for face-to-face time.

Shinault’s company for now is okay with her flex schedule, but yours may not be and you could yourself miss too much if you work from home five days a week.

“The biggest disadvantage is out of sight out of mind,” Myers said.

Myers said if everyone is in the office but you, you run the risk of being the first cut if there are layoffs next year.

So, think it over, so you don’t waste your money.