Don’t make these Black Friday amateur mistakes

Don't Waste Your Money

So you’ve seen some ads and commercials and the deals look so good, you’ve decided to shop Thanksgiving night or Friday morning this year. You figure you have little to lose, and lots of savings to gain.

Great! Just don’t make one of the top mistakes many Black Friday amateurs make every year.

The money-saving site Hip 2 Save lists some common mistakes that can ruin the night. Among them:

  • Setting out with your phone below 50% charge: Bad idea if you plan to compare prices, or stay in touch with friends.
  • Not having a plan of specific items you want: Thanksgiving night is not a night for browsing.  You will get knocked over, or just frustrated by the crowds and lines.
  • Spending more than you can afford, and not thinking about the January credit card hangover it will cause.
  • Buying something just because it is a deal, such as a new computer printer you don’t need and will never use.
  • Taking young children, who will fuss and squirm all evening.  If they are younger than 12, leave them with Nana. Or a sitter. Or their annoying 17-year-old sister.
  • Relying on just coffee to get you through the night: Make sure take a break to eat after a couple of hours, so you don’t get “hangry” fighting the crowds.
  • Not comparing prices.

                         Biggest Black Friday mistakes

Not comparing prices is the biggest mistake because many items are not really great deals on Black Friday.  Stores make us think everything is on sale when only specific items have great markdowns.

Just because you see a big shelf of air fryers in the store with a “Black Friday low price” sign on them doesn’t mean they are a great deal.  Jump onto your phone and Google it, check Amazon, or use a price checker like Honey, Shop Savvy, or Buy Via.

And from the doesn’t that stink file, the biggest Black Friday mistake when it comes to your family: rushing through Thanksgiving dinner when you know that you can probably find everything you need on Friday, or Cyber Monday.

Doesn’t that stink?

You’ll regret running out on your family years from now, much more than regretting missing a deal on some Xbox games or Instant Pot, which will be on sale the entire month of December.

If you are cringing at the idea of shopping on Black Friday, then stay home.  You’ll do almost as well online, and you don’t waste your money.


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