(WHTM)– Thinking of renting a local Airbnb to throw a little party, think again. The service has just launched a major crackdown on parties in its rental homes.

Ron Kohlman was hoping to make some extra money by renting his home on Airbnb when he was away.

“It’s comfortable and simple for guests,” Kohlman said.

But one of his first experiences a few years ago was a bad one.

“It was rented for two guests and from what the neighbors tell me they had about 30 people here,” Kohlma said.

The renters had turned it into a party house!

“It was a disaster, bottles cans everywhere, floors were sticky, there was stuff on the walls, it was horrible,” Kohlman said.

These days, though, that’s less likely to happen. That’s because, with the help of a-I modeling, Airbnb can now predict when a rental home may become a party home, and stop it before it happens.

A report in CNBC says “Airbnb’s official party pooper has reduced partying by 55%.” And plans to reduce it even more.

The report says their algorithms will red flag what the site calls “High-risk reservations.”

Warning signs a rental could become a party include:

  • The renter lives in the same city he wants to rent in.
  • It’s a Friday or Saturday night rental.
  • The renter is under age 25.
  • The date is around the renter’s birthday.

And that’s a few of the warning signs Airbnb looks for. CNBC says they even look at how far in advance the reservation is being made, since vacationers book months in advance while partiers book just a week or two ahead.

If AI figures you are about to throw a party you’ll end up with this message, Blocked from booking an Airbnb that weekend.

In the end, this is great news for anyone who lives near an Airbnb on their street. Things should be quieter, and you don’t waste your money.