We are about to enter the holiday travel season. And with winter weather and big crowds, you know that will mean more delayed flights.

Remember those “Flightmare” scenes from this past summer? With thousands of flight delays and cancellations? Air travel got much better this fall, with fewer people flying. No one can predict what will happen over the holidays.

But the latest report from the US Department of Transportation shows which airlines did the best job during that brutal summer for travel:

  • Delta
  • Alaska
  • Spirit

They had the best on-time arrival rates. On the other end, however:

  • JetBlue
  • Allegiant
  • Southwest

They have the worst on-time arrival rates, with the most delays.

From the doesn’t that stink file, soaring airfares combined with flight delays! September airfares were 36 percent higher than one year ago, according to hopper. And if you have been looking at holiday or spring break fares, you’re probably saying that stinks!

Airlines, however, say they are working to prevent a repeat of this summer’s problem. By trimming flight schedules, to make sure they have enough flight crews and staff. The downside: fewer flights, and high demand, is why prices have gone up and away.

Sure, you are not going to change a flight just because your airline did not score well. But it is a good reminder to look for alternative flights in case yours is delayed or canceled, so you don’t waste your money.