(WHTM) — Amazon is making it even easier to make a return this year, by adding Staples stores as free return centers, along with Kohls. But there can be one downside.

Bill Middendorf was thrilled to learn that Staples stores will now take his Amazon returns at no charge. So Middendorf decided to return a dog hair remover he did not want.

“I did the return, they put it in a plastic bag, threw it in a big box that was sitting next to me,” Middendorf said.

But Middendorf noticed something different at Staples.

“I got a receipt, but it has no tracking information on it whatsoever,” Middendorf said.

That soon became a problem.

“About 10 days passed, and nothing from Amazon yet, typically I get a refund in a day or two at most. So I came back to the store and said ‘Hey do you have any tracking information on this order?’ ” Middendorf said.

Middendorf said Staples just had a reference number and no one could find where his package was.

“There is nothing they can do in their system to pull it up and see where it at,” Middendorf said.

The good news is Middendorf’s items cost only $10, so it was not a big deal. But it turns out that returning Amazon items to the UPS store has a big advantage. You get a UPS tracking number and can follow it.

The consumer advocacy group The Elliot Report found this is not the only complaint of Amazon returns missing and suggests you take photos of your return at drop off.

Amazon said it addresses missing returns on a case-by-case policy and may issue a goodwill refund.

Wherever you return your items, make sure you get a receipt and hold onto it if there are any problems, so you don’t waste your money.