(WHTM)– Have you heard of the rental scam, where fake landlords take and deposit money? One woman says a scammer actually let her move in, and now the real landlord said she needed to move out.

Latasha Crossty took two weeks to furnish, from the living room to the outdoors. But then came a knock on the door, from a woman who claimed Latsha did not belong there.

” I said I live here. She said no one is supposed to live here.” Crossty said.

She gave a $1,000 deposit and another $1,000 for rent to a ‘fake’ landlord whom she found a Facebook posting.

“I gave him me and my kids money, thinking we got a home,” Crossty said.

This case is so unusual because typically a renter scammer posts a fake ad, then takes a deposit for an apartment they don’t really own. It is unheard of for them to give the tenant a key and then say ‘Go ahead and move.’

Neighbor Kyla Moulton, along with Lergal Aid are not trying to help Latasha stay.

“She’s scared. They’ve told her that her home isn’t hers. She doesn’t have anywhere to go,” Moulton said.

One week after Latasha was first visited she found a notice to leave the premises on her door. She worries that she can be evicted at any moment.

“The only thing I know is I trusted someone I thought, I thought was genuine, I never would have thought in a million years this man wasn’t what he said he was!” Crossty said.

It now appears the fake landlord may have gotten the key from a lockbox on the door. So check out a landlord carefully, so you don’t waste your money.