(WHTM) – The holiday travel season is coming up fast, and the last thing any of us want this week is to deal with another ‘flightmare’ like in 2022.

We have all heard the news reports: Memorial Day cancelations, summer storm cancellations, and those dreaded holiday week cancellations.

So if you are hoping to avoid being stuck in an airport for hours this holiday season, and maybe missing your trip, there are some things you can do when planning it to improve your odds.

Thriftytraveler.com said there are things you can do to better your luck.

  • Pick an early morning flight. Delays can domino later in the day
  • Avoid thunderstorm delays by flying in the morning
  • Avoid connections: An extra stop doubles your chance of a cancellation or delay.

Travel against Jerry Katz says to avoid flying the Sunday after Thanksgiving or the day after Christmas and New Year’s.

“The 26th of December is the absolute worst,” Katz said.”You might want to look at off-peak dates like flying on Christmas Day or New Year’s Day, compared to the 26th of December or the 2nd of January.”

Katz added that travelers should check airline schedules to see what other flights they can try to grab if yours is canceled at the last minute.

So avoid the busiest days, and have a backup plan in the back of your head, that way you don’t waste your money.