(WHTM) — Bed Bath & Beyond’s store closing sales are now underway. But is it worth your time? Will you find great deals?

Shoppers are flocking to the liquidating Bed Bath and Beyond stores. Many, like Debbie Zimmerman, are bittersweet about the closing.

“A big loss, a very big loss, just like when Toys R Us went out of business,” Zimmerman said.

More frustrating to shoppers we spoke with, the sales started with modest 10% discounts.

“It could be better. Not the best? Not the best. 10 percent is not much at all,” a shopper said.

Plus, Bed Bath & Beyond is no longer accepting 20% off coupons, which means Cornetta Butler saw better deals a week ago.

“To me, that’s not a good sale. I’m used to having more than that. To me a good sale is 50 percent off,” Butler said.

Typically when a store starts a going-out-of-business sale, all prior sales and coupons are tossed out. Then, they reset prices to the highest original list price and start taking off discounts from there. A 24-ounce 600-watt NutriBullet? 10% off $79, which makes it $71.

But, we found that $79 blender on sale for just $59 at Kohl’s. A Hoover Power Dash Pet Vac Model FH1000 was 10% off $189, which made it $170. But we found it on sale for $151 at Walmart.com

Some stores are now lowering prices to 20% and 25%, and the sales will get better in the days ahead. Though, the store many people loved will be gone.

Short of finding a last-minute empty buyer, Bed Bath & Beyond said it hopes to have its stores cleared out by June, so it can sell or lease out its empty spaces.