(WHTM) — Black Friday was a great time to buy electronics and home gadgets. If you are looking for toys, prices tend to get even lower the closer we get to Christmas.

So, the real question is, where should you buy them?

You may find yourself looking for Marvel, Star Wars, Barbie, NERF, and other hot toy brands.

Amazon is just a click away, but did you know you can buy many toys in Macy’s? Toys R Us will be making a comeback in 400 Macy’s stores!

“Well I’m glad it’s finally back, it’s been gone since I was like seven,” said Ethan Wood.

Ethan Wood is thrilled to be a Toys R Us kid again. Many parents are happy to see Geoffrey back too.

These Toys R Us stores don’t have the full selection of toys like the old Toys R Us stores did, however there’s a simple satisfaction of being able to grab a gift while you are shopping at Macy’s, no need to worry about the delivery times or if it is out of stock.

If you are looking for low prices you are looking for, the Krazy Coupon lady says that you’ll find the best deals online. The site suggests that you compare prices at Walmart, Target, and Amazon.

However, you shouldn’t forget to check Kohl’s, Sam’s and Costco. Hasbro and Fisher Price’s online toy shop usually has clearance items.

Don’t forget to make a visit to your local toy shop where you can find many unique toys.

And if you didn’t get all the toys you needed over Black Friday and Cyber Monay, you may find even better toy sales the next few weeks, so you don’t waste your money.