(WHTM) — With gas prices still hovering around $5 per gallon in the Midstate, everyone is looking for ways to save. A common solution to rising gas prices is now returning: carpooling.

This isn’t the first gas-price crisis the United States has experienced; Some may remember gas lines in the 1970’s which led to mass amounts of carpooling.

People can save money by splitting gas costs with one or multiple people. With gas at $5 per gallon, it costs approximately $4 to drive 15 miles. At that rate it would cost $40 a week just to get to and from work!

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Summer Jones, who oversees a community rideshare program, says its about more than just gas prices. “It is a lot cheaper. And then if you have a parking cost, you split that with however many people you have in the van too,” said Jones.

The United States Census Bureau says carpooling peaked at 20% of drivers in 1980, but fell to around 9% in recent years due to low gas prices. But as cheap gas becomes difficult to find, more people are turning back to carpooling.

Search for a local rideshare service if you’re interested in saving money on your gas budget.