If the pandemic has you spending a lot of time at home, you might want to dig into your closet. Because many old toys and trading cards are soaring in value this year.

Walk inside O’Smileys dolls and collectibles and you’ll find a wonderland of classic toys.

Owner Sherry Smiley has shelves of dolls that these days are in high demand.

“You are seeing a lot of interest in the ’80s Barbies, you are seeing an increase in early Cabbage Patch Kids,” Smiley said.

Sherry says gen X’ers are now seeking the toys of their youth.

“We come to an age where we start to reflect what the best times of our life were,” Smiley said. “Those are the toys we go after.”

In the original box, some are worth hundreds of dollars. Some of these toys include 1970’s Barbies, 1980’s Cabbage Patch dolls, Crissy and Dawn dolls and African American Christie dolls.

USA Today says African American dolls in general are seeing a huge increase in value. Melrose Cross of Springdale is glad she kept her daughter’s dolls.

“She left them here so that when she brings her little girl to visit, she gets to play with them,” Cross said.

Margie Schultz with dollclubs.com believes people working at home all day have sparked the new interest.

“In the last year, prices have been going crazy, I think those that still have jobs are buying like crazy,” Schultz said.

Toys for boys are hot too. If you didn’t tear the legs off your GI-Joe or He-Man, they can be worth $50 or $100 right now.

“He-Man and GI-Joe right now sell more than Star Wars,” Schultz said.

Meantime, Hot Wheels from the 1970s are another hot collectible.

“This one is a 1970 Camaro for $89,” Schultz said.

The key with any vintage item is condition and scarcity. If it’s a Harry Potter toy with millions of copies out there, it’s probably not going to be that valuable.

The same is true for the hottest collectible of all right now, vintage cards.

Some early Pokémon cards from 1997 through ’99 have sold for thousands.

Baseball Cards are on fire too.

Dean Hanley of Dean’s Cards said, “Some of these high-end cars, Mickey Mantle, Babe Ruth, they are five and 10 times what they were a year ago.”

But Dean cautions rarity and condition are key. If millions were made, we’re looking at you, Funko pops and recent Star Wars toys, you may have to wait a long time.

A 1952 Mickey Mantle rookie card sold for $5 million this year, so check those closets so you don’t waste your money.