(WHTM) — Lots of people shop around for the best price when their car needs routine servicing. But you need to be careful about suspiciously cheap oil changes.

If you find a coupon for a $20 oil change, make sure you do your research first.

Cheap oil changes can void warrantees and cause problems.

Ashley Ziegler says she babied her 2017 Ford Explorer ever since she bought it brand new. “I just had the oil changed,” said Ziegler. But that wasn’t enough for her extended warranty company.

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Even though she paid over $3,000 for protection up to 100,000 miles, Ziegler had to pay almost $5,000 to repair her failed turbocharger.

Ziegler didn’t get oil change receipts. “They denied the entire claim. They said there was not enough proof of oil changes, because we don’t always have the oil changes done at the dealership,” Ziegler added.

She took her Explorer to multiple shops for oil changes.

“They came back and said that’s not good enough and we need every single receipt for every single oil purchase and filter purchase from 2017,” said Ziegler.

Millions of Americans like Ziegler spend upwards of $1,000 for extended warranties, figuring they are covered up to 100,000 miles. But when you need them, you’re told your claim was denied.

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Jumping from shop to shop for oil changes may void your extended warranty, even if you are only missing one receipt.

After an oil change:

  • Walk around and inspect your car
  • If something doesn’t look or sound right, turn off the car right away
  • Find any damage? Take a picture and file a claim.

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Most importantly, save every oil change receipt for as long as you own your car. You may need it if your engine ever develops a problem.