(WHTM) — Finally some good news about care prices, which have been rising faster than the inflation rate.

Prices on used cars are down slightly but on some more than others.

You may not notice it next time you visit the car dealer, but used car dealer, but used car prices are down the past two months, according to the government’s latest inflation report.

Business insider says higher loan rates, coupled with consumer cutbacks, have to lead to an average 4% drop in used vehicle prices since their peak.

  • Prices are falling fastest on some jeeps, like the Wagoneer, which saw huge surcharges when it was released last year.
  • Toyota and its Scion sub-brand saw decent price declines
  • Honda and Hyundai prices are down slightly
  • Used Tesla prices have fallen.

The report also says that supplies of used cars are increasing and fuller lots typically lead to lower prices

But, from the doesn’t that stink file, despite some prices starting to fall, they are still nearly 20% higher than they were last year, and some used cars, like the new Ford Bronco, continue to sell for more than a new version of the same car, because of the long waiting list for a new one.

Unfortunately, things may not get back to normal unit dealers have more new cars to sell, so you don’t waste your money.