Good news when it comes to the computer chip shortages that’s caused a shortage of pickup trucks and SUVs. The chips are starting to come in, and Ford says it is beginning to fix its backlog.

This is what many car dealer lots look like these days, just a handful of pickups for sale, where hundreds are normally lined up.

“You drive by some car lots and they are empty,” Aurelia Gilliam said. She was hoping to find an SUV. It’s been a struggle for General Manager Tim Sander, who’s even been buying vehicles to keep his lot stocked.

“I don’t get frustrated, but it’s different. It’s very different from what everybody’s used to,” Sander said.

It’s been a tough few months for buyers of both new and used trucks because you can’t find the new ones and prices on the used ones are so high. But dealers are hoping a new program from Ford starts to ease that crunch.

“They’ve come up with a wonderful program, where if you order from Ford you will get bumped to the front of the line,” Sander said. He also says Ford will now give buyers who order a truck priority over dealer orders, so you can get one in a couple of months. “If you need one today, you’re going to have to be flexible,” Sander said.

But good news, Ford says it is now starting to supply chips to its thousands of unfinished pickups. What about the new Bronco, this year’s hottest vehicle? It seems everyone wants one. But full-size Broncos are now back-ordered until next spring. You’ll have better luck with the smaller Bronco Sport.

Dealers see the chip shortage improving as we head into fall, but says pre-ordering is the best way to get a new truck, so you don’t waste your money.