Don’t Waste Your Money: Computer Chip Shortage

Don't Waste Your Money

Remember how Sony PlayStations were impossible to find during the holidays but were supposed to be plentiful by now?

That hasn’t happened, and the main problem causing those shortages is now causing other shortages, as well.

Can’t find a PS5 or new Xbox? Sony now blames a massive worldwide chip shortage.

No, not casino chips or potato chips, but computer chips.

CNBC says a semiconductor chip shortage is slowing production of all sorts of electronics, even cars.

It reports that GM, Ford, Honda and Fiat Chrysler are all slowing production of some models because they can’t get computer chips for their onboard displays and other electronics.

Of the major automakers, only Toyota says it is not affected so far, as it stocked up on chips in advance.

CNBC says an unexpected surge in electronics sales last summer caused suppliers to run low. Consumers purchased laptop and desktop PCs, new phones, big screen TVs and gaming consoles.

No one foresaw the pandemic, but that really stinks.

Sony says it will not be able to increase PlayStation production until the chip shortage eases, so the hunt continues.

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