How much do you pay each month for subscription services such as cable TV, streaming TV, and your cell phone?

It is probably a lot more than you think.

And as a result, a new report in USA Today says many people are suffering from “subscription fatigue.”

Technology was supposed to save us money, but a report on ZDNet from the research firm West Monroe claims the average family now pays almost $300  a month on subscriptions — more than $3,000 a year.

That’s 15% more than we did pre-pandemic. The report found most people underestimate what they pay.

So what’s running up the bill?

  •     Cable and internet: $150 a month or internet and streaming TV bundles: $100 a month.
  •     Cell phone: $75 a month.
  •     Home security, like ring or nest cameras: $10 to 30 a month.
  •     Gaming systems: $10 a month
  •     Toss in Pandora, Kindle, or Audible — and you just hit $273.

USA Today says all of it is resulting in fatigue.

With HBO Max, Netflix, and other services now costing more than $15 a month in 2023, add on Disney Plus, Apple TV, Peacock, and a few more, and you are paying $50 just for TV streaming.

If you want to add broadcast networks and ESPN, that can add another $50 a month.

You may want to go over your credit card bill to find out what you are paying, and drop services you rarely use.

That way you don’t waste your money.