(WHTM) — The cruise industry is back and thousands of travelers have been booking cruise trips throughout the year. But before you schedule your next cruise, one family has a warning.

Debbie Schwabe was attempting to board a cruise on the “Celebrity Summit,” a dream trip, but she was denied boarding because her identification documents were not accepted.

As Schwabe showed her original birth certificate from the hospital, driver’s license and latest COVID-19 test information to the cruise employees, “They said my birth certificate wasn’t the right one. They said it was decorative, it wasn’t state issued,” said Schwabe.

Schwabe was forced to go home, foregoing $3,000 spent on the trip. Her dream vacation was over before it began.

Taking a Caribbean cruise is much different than a domestic outing. Making sure you have a state issued birth certificate, not a hospital certificate.

Travel agent Jerry Katz says that hospital issued birth certificates are, “a commemorative keepsake for mom and dad, maybe, but it has no significant relevance and no citizenship relevance for anyone traveling internationally.”

How can you avoid situations like Schwabe’s? Check with your cruise line, not a third party agent, for what exactly is required to board the cruise ship.