(WHTM) — So the seemingly endless Black Friday month is over. The good news? Consumers will still find plenty more days to find deals. The bad news, however, supply shortages and shipping delays could make it tough to get them in time.

Just like Black Friday stretched into a week of deals, Cyber Monday is now Cyber Week and it seems there are new sales every other day.

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Dealnews.com says:

  • Cyber Week is a great time for electronics, with many items that sold out during Thanksgiving back in stock again
  • Green Money, Dec. 13, is a great time to order from smaller stores
  • Tuesday, Dec. 14, is free shopping day, and the last day for free guarenteed Christmas delivery from many stores
  • Dec. 15 is traditionally when toy prices start to drop, and five days later on Dec. 20 prices on winter clothing that has not yet sold will begin to get slashed

But, from the Doesn’t That Stink File, the risk of waiting too long to order online in the midst of shopping delays. This year’s supply shortages mean that many stores are now sold out of the hottest items, such items being an Xbox or PS5.

The trucker shortage and shipping delays mean that any online order after Dec. 15 is risky. By mid-December, consumers may have to buy their gifts the old-fashioned way — in-store and with hand delivery. There is nothing wrong with that, as long as you don’t waste your money.