(WHTM) — One of the last true dollar stores, Dollar Tree, is about to raise some prices over the beloved dollar amount due to inflation and soaring shipping costs.

Willa Davenport has been shopping at Dollar Tree for years. At a time when drugstore greeting cards can cost $6.00, here they are, still a dollar, as are wrapping paper and gift bags, food, home decor, even Halloween and Christmas decor.

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“I don’t think it is right for them to raise the price. The reason is they are Dollar Tree, you go in there to get things for a dollar. Are they gonna change all their signs,” Davenport said.

The good news? Not everything is going up in price. Dollar Tree says it plans to raise prices on some items to a price between $1.25 and $1.50.

It will also convert parts of many stores to Dollar Tree Plus formats with prices as high as $5.00.

If you have been to a grocery store, hardware store, or clothing store lately, the price increase shouldn’t come as a real surprise. Prices are up everywhere because of higher raw material and shipping costs.

While some are okay with the price increase, Shannon Carrs had hoped it could hold out. “We want to see a dollar. That’s why we go there. Because it’s a dollar. Not a $1.50. One dollar.”

Think about this: Dollar Tree has been selling items for just a dollar for more than 25 years, and how they have been able to keep doing that this year is a mystery.