(WHTM) — We have all wondered at some point, is your phone iPhone, Android phone, or smart device eavesdropping on everything you say?

A new investigation sheds new light on this old debate.

Christie Burnett is pretty sure her iPhone is eavesdropping.

“One day my son came up to me and said, “I want a Scorpion Rex for my birthday,” Burnett said. She decided to look it up, but…

“I am getting ready to type into the search Scorpion Rex. But before I do, he immediately looks at my screen and says ‘Mom that’s it! II hadn’t even typed anything!” Burnett said.

So, was her phone listening? Or had her six-year-old looked up the toy on some other device? It’s hard to say, but, researchers at the universities of California and Washington this Spring released a study claiming Amazon’s Alexa is listening and targeting you with ads.

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Amazon now says it targets you with “interest-based ads based on your Alexa requests,” which PC Mag’s Chandra Steele says is more than they’ve said before.

“Amazon was reluctant to admit it, but once these researchers came forward, they had to,” Steele said.

But are Amazon, Apple, and others listening to your conversation?

Apple says it does not listen, saying “privacy is a fundamental human right.” But IT security expert Dave Hatter says if your Siri voice feature is on, it’s listening for the wakeup term.

I”f you have a smart digital assistant, it has to listen if it is going to provide help to you,” Hatter said.

To protect yourself, Hatter said to do the following:

  • Turn off “listen to Hey Siri” in your settings
  • Turn off your microphone settings, and turn off which apps can use it.

Finally, with an android phone, disable the “okay, Google” listening feature. That way its not listening for the wakeup word, and don’t waste your money.