(WHTM) — Electric vehicles are becoming more affordable; however, this price cut is making current electric vehicle owners unhappy.

It’s getting cheaper to buy an electric car, especially since Tesla has slashed their prices and other manufacturers are following.

Some drivers who paid the former high prices are furious.

Tesla has just cut prices as much as 20 percent, while Ford just announced a $5,000 rollback on its Mustang Mache-E.

“I love the car!”

New Tesla owner Benjamin Affatato said the love of his new Model Y does not translate to love of the company.

“So, two hours after I bought the car, it went down $9,000,” said Affatato.

Affatato received his car just hours before Tesla slashed its prices. If he had waited a day later, he would’ve saved $9,000.

“They should do right by their customers and make everybody whole,” said Affatato.

Think about it; if you buy a new 65-inch television and the price drops $100 a couple of days later, you can usually grab your receipt, go back to the store, and get a credit.

However, televisions aren’t cars, and they’re certainly not a Tesla.

“There is no return policy, there are no adjustments that can be made.”

Neither the dealership, nor Tesla, would comment on the return policy. Tesla’s press department replied, “Mailbox Full,” twice.

Ford said that they will offer a special bonus to recent buyers of the Mustang Mach-E.

Affatato said that knowing his Tesla is worth a lost less has taken away some of the “new car joy.”

If you are on the bubble about an electric car, the good news is we may see more price cuts in the coming months, so you don’t waste your money.