(WHTM) — Typically, utility companies will issue several warnings about late bills before turning off services. However, scammers will try to convince you to pay up.

Gas, electric, and water utilities are more important than ever as Pennsylvania heads into winter.

Lisa Shook, the manager of a home inspection company, got a call from someone who claimed to be their electric company.

“He was in our driveway to cut off out services,” said Shook.

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The person on the phone said they must pay immediately. “Yeah it was $357 or they would disconnect the electric,” Shook added.

But it was all a scam. And like all good scams, the caller makes it sound urgent.

It’s not just your electric service that is target.

Denise Banks always pays her water bill, but she recently got a call saying she was about to be cut off!

“They knew my name, they said we’re here to talk to you about your disconnect notice. We have someone outside waiting to disconnect your water,” said Banks.

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The caller demanded she pay $235 via Zelle, so she gave her bank information. Unfortunately, after a few seconds, “It automatically went into my personal checking and took all of my money,” said Banks.

Energy company spokesperson Lee Freedman says utilities will never threaten immediate disconnection.

“If you are at risk of losing service, you will receive multiple messages over a period of time. Bills, notices, other mailings,” said Freedman.

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So as winter approaches, it can be easy to get scared by the though of disconnection and fall victim to one of these scams.

Shook and Banks want to warn others.

Look up their number, call them, and make sure you are actually talking to your utility provider, so you don’t waste your money.