Halloween used to be just one day in October, now it is a month-long holiday. Sadly, thanks to high interest, coupled with inflation, Halloween is going to be more expensive than ever this year.

Nora Martini was shopping in the Halloween department and couldn’t believe how elaborate yard decorations have become lately.

However, none of this is cheap. High prices this year start with the Halloween basic: candy.

“Chocolate’s getting high. Really expensive for sure,” Martini said. “Like everything costs keep going up and you have to make decisions on what to buy, and maybe not give as much as you normally would.”

The government says chocolate prices are up 13% in 2023, mainly due to a sugar shortage, on top of a similar increase last year. A large bag of candy is easily $20 or more.

And that is just candy prices, not factoring in the rising price of costumes and decor.

Halloween decorations get bigger and better every year. We wanted to know what you will find this year and how much it will cost.

  • A large yard inflatable will set you back $100-$175
  • Small inflatables: $25 to $50
  • Plan on spending up to $100 for a combination of skeletons and motion figures
  • Even an average pumpkin is now $6, according to the US Department of Agriculture.

And don’t forget costumes, where a nice one can cost $40 or more. Consider a used clothing store, Goodwill, or Michaels.

The good news is that, unlike Christmas, there is really no pressure to spend big, unless you have to have the best display on your block.

Too expensive for you? DIY your costume and decorations, and skip the 20-foot-tall inflatables, and that way you don’t waste your money.