Don’t Waste Your Money: Expensive streaming services

Don't Waste Your Money

(WHTM) — This is the best of times and the worst of times to be a TV viewer. Streaming Services mean more options than ever before, and it’s getting confusing and expensive.

Jean Koverman recently decided to cut the cable cord and stream her shows. She thought she’d be fine with Netflix, Hulu, Discovery Plus, and a couple of free services. But lately, Kovermans says, they all seem to want money for their most popular shows, for instance, the new iCarly.

“It says ‘I’m sorry, you have to have Paramount+’. A streaming service plus!” Koverman says.

She is fine with Disney+ at $8 a month, but then learned it’s an extra $30 to see new movies like “Black Widow”. Even with free TV networks like AMC, Jean found you need to pay for AMC+ to access everything.

“When you click on it, it says ‘who is your service provider.’ If your service provider is not on your list, you cannot access that show. By the time I am done computing everything for the shows I like, right now it is $115 a month.”

Koverman is wondering if there is a cheaper option.

If there is a show you really want to watch, but you don’t want to pay and subscribe to that streaming service, you have two options where you might be able to see that show without subscribing.

CNET”S Joan Solsmon says option one is to look for 7 day free trials for Hulu Live TV, Discovery+ or Paramonunt+ and binge-watch your favorite shows during that free week.

If there is no free trial, join the service for one month, and then cancel in 30 days. This works for Disney+, HBO Max, and Apple+ TV Plus.

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“You can cancel anytime with these services. You won’t have to commit to one year.” Solsmon says.

Before you do that, download an app that will quickly show you which shows are where such as Reelgood, Decided, or Just Watch. But, Jean Koverman wonders if cable might be easier.

“At what point are consumers going to say this is enough!” Koverman wonders.

Meantime, if you would just have a streaming service that feels like cable TV, CNET suggests Hulu+ Live, YouTube TV, or Sling TV. That way, you don’t waste your money.

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