Don’t Waste Your Money: Expiring airline voucher

Don't Waste Your Money

Hundreds of thousands of Americans are sitting on airline vouchers for trips postponed in 2020 when the coronavirus pandemic began.

Unfortunately those voters do not last forever, and travelers may need to take a flight this year or they’ll end up losing them.

Eulah Williams, like many Americans, had to cancel a planned flight and cruise in spring 2020.

“Before our cruise, everything got canceled, and shut down,” Williams said.

But instead of a refund, Frontier Airlines gave Williams a flight voucher.

According to, many people are in the same situation as Williams, holding vouchers for Delta, Southwest and other airlines.

The problem is most of them expire at the end of 2021, meaning many Americans need to fly by the end of the year.

So from the “doesn’t that stink file,” being forced to use it or lose it, even if Americans are afraid to travel with the COVID-19 variants now spreading.

The watchdog group says some airlines will let individuals purchase the most expensive, fully refundable ticket.

If a person has to cancel, they might be able to get a refund. Just be sure to ask.

If someone is skittish, AirFare suggests booking a fall trip in the hope that most Americans are vaccinated by then.

Some airlines may extend vouchers another year. But for now, assume vouchers will be lost after December 2021.

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